Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt

8 min. co-directed & produced with Yoni Brook

Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt – 25 years ago today — October 30th, 1992 — the New York City subway installed its first automated turnstiles. Ever since, New Yorkers have struggled to master the Metrocard.  In this short documentary, one anonymous man has an exceptionally tough time with his card. We’ve all faced intractable machines, and so we admire his persistence.

“Could be read as a frustration comedy, a political analogy for immigration, a Zen meditation on quotidian ebb and flow of life, or just a piece of art. You decide. .” 
– Cinema 76

Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt Film Pacho Velez

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AFI Fest 

Toronto International Film Festival

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New Hampshire Film Festival 

JEONJU International Film Festival